As popular and beneficial as Reflexology, Thai foot massage combines soothing relief with systemic improvement utilising hand massage and accupressure techniques. Improving your circulation, wellbeing and deep relaxation as the practitioner applies a range of muscle soothing techniques tailored to your needs. Renowned for detoxifying and rebalancing your body and it's immune system, feel the relief of daily stress and pressure as it fades away leaving your body and mind to unravel its knots.

Benefits of Thai Foot massage:

  • Boosting fertility and wellbeing.

  • Improved systemic function of the kidneys, liver and pancreas.

  • Improved digestive function.

  • Detoxifying blood and the lymphatic system.

  • Improved circulation and immunity.

  • Promoting deep relaxtion, stress relief and tension related issues such as migraines.

  • Muscular relief throughout the entire body.

For this treatment you will remain fully clothed, only your feet, ankles and shins need exposing. All jewelry and watches need removing for comfort.