"I've been having regular reiki treatments with Mike for thyroid problems and basic energy re-balancing. I've had reiki with other practitioners before and received limited results, but with Mike, it's a wonderful experience. His hands are so powerfully healing that it feels like he's carrying a heater around the table with him (he's not though!). It takes a day for me to recover from the effects, because it makes me sleep like a baby afterwards. I strongly recommend Mike for all of your healing needs." - Jayne, Bradley Stoke.


" I had never had Reiki before so I was a little apprehensive at first. It was a very new experience for me and in truth I was sceptical as I thought it sounded  a little unusual but I trusted Mike so I took the plunge. I was really surprised with the effects after such a short session. Although I still find the concept a little unusual it really has helped with my neurological and muscular pain. I can see how I'd benefit from regular sessions." - Patrick, Carmarthenshire.


 "I work in a high pressure job and had tried different forms of relaxation with little or no success. Following my first session I felt an instant reduction in tension as if someone was letting out pressure. Our sessions together have helped me to relax and I now have a reliable and effective method of managing stress levels without turning to medication or alcohol. I'd recommend anybody in a similar position to try it as it may be a lot more effective than you expect." - Matt, Cardigan


 "I was diagnosed with Crohn's after suffering bowel pain for many years. I have been offered medication on several visits to the Doctors, however  I have always been reluctant to start medication so I spoke to Mike about Reiki. At this point I was in pain and very uncomfortable, what was there to lose? I had a couple of Reiki sessions with Mike and I have noticed a huge difference. I continue to watch my diet, however I have not had an episode of bleeding and discomfort since I have had Reiki." - Nicky, Bedminster Down.

"I have osteoarthritis in both feet. Mike did one session for me on my feet and although I only had one session of Reiki I found the experience very relaxing to the point of almost falling asleep whilst experiencing lots of very bright colours which was very cool. I didn’t get instant relief although short term there was an improvement and would highly recommend Mike to anyone" - Richard, Nailsea. 


"I had a trial Reiki session with Mike and found it a very relaxing experience . I felt warmth radiatimg from Mike's hands and saw vivid colours behind my eyes. Afterwards I was calm and happy. I will definitely have further sessions" - Sarah, Carmarthenshire.


 "I was interested in alternate therapies and wanted to see if Reiki would help with an ongoing shoulder and arm pain problem I have had for some time. I found the experience very relaxing, improvement in sleep afterwards and decreased tightness in neck and shoulder, I will be looking to have futher treatment if not for the original reason but also as it was a very relaxing and calming experience." - Jayne, Yate.

"I had constant pain on my left knee for few days, worse when bending it. I never had this problem before and after discussing with Mike I thought I'd give Reiki a try and to my surprise,I enjoyed the whole experience. Mike explained what to expect and I could instantly feel the warmth radiating from Mike's hand. I was relaxed during the session & felt rejuvenated afterwards, although I didn't feel any difference with my knee right then, the pain was gone the next day. I highly recommend Reiki with Mike, everybody needs Reiki in this stressful life."

- Supriya, Shirehampton.

 "I have had regular Reiki sessions with Mike, initially for a repetitive strain injury to my knee. Each time I could feel a soothing warmth generated from Mike, whilst sensing that I was floating and seeing vivid colours which was very relaxing. Each session made the experiences more intense, yet I always felt very reassured that I was safe and Mike's calming manner ensured my confidence in his care of me. A very therapeutic and inspiring experience and I would recommend Mike,without hesitation to those looking for relaxing holistic treatment."

 - Kathy, Weston-Super-Mare.


 “I had regular on and off pains in my left shoulder after light weight lifting I noticed the pain got sharper but carried this on for years like it’s been part of life routine. On top of this I had occasional problems with my foot and knee especially after heavy cycling and basketball. I finally thought this has to stop, I was tired of carrying all these ailments. After learning Mike could give me Reiki I went to see him, after just one session I felt enormously relieved. During the therapy session I knew something different was happening as I could feel some degree of heat and pressure from something I couldn’t really explain. I shared my experience with Mike and I was really surprised  to know that all he did was hover his hands about a foot above the ailing areas. I was impressed, really impressed and the following days I felt better and better. Months have passed after that Reiki session and I can still say I’m totally free of those old ailments thanks to Reiki!” - Arnold, Lockleaze


"After a years of supressed emotional trauma I found I could not clear thoughts and was unable to rest, relax or sleep properly.  Following my session with Mike I experienced a huge wave of emotion and felt as if a weight had lifted from my shoulders.  I am now able to clear my head and get on with my life and  I will certainly see Mike again in the future should I need to."

- Paula, St. George


"On going to my first reiki session i was slightly nervous as i wasn't sure quite what to expect. Mike was really reassuring and helpful in explaining what will happen during the session and we also spoke about reiki itself which i found not only really interesting but also incredibly helpful in enabling me to relax some more. I started reiki in order to try and help with my anxiety and depression and even after my first session this was the first nights sleep i have had in a long time where i didn't wake up and woke up the next morning feeling really refreshed! My next session i had a Thai foot massage before the reiki which i found helped immensely to completely let me relax - to the point i even fell asleep during this session. I am so happy with how i am feeling already and I most definitely will be continuing to have sessions with Mike who offers a professional, friendly, warm and relaxed environment in which to help towards each individuals needs. Highly recommended!" - Amy, Fishponds.