What is Reiki?

Pronounced "ray-key" this is as an ancient treatment originated in Japan, used to invigorate your mind and body, kick starting the natural healing process, decreasing pain and helping restore balance - think of a great night's sleep condensed into an hour.The process itself is often deeply relaxing, pain-free and requiring nothing more from the recipient than a willing to let go.

Often described as being like "a two person meditation" with the focus not on clearing one's mind (often quite difficult) but instead on letting go of your thoughts and allowing your consciousness to wander. When we begin to learn to allow ourselves to release and let go both physically and mentally, we thrive!


No two Reiki sessions arethe same. Treatments can be carried out either comfortably sat or laying down on a therapy table, fully clothed with the option to lay under a blanket. 95% of recipients fall sound asleep during the treatment promoting a deep sense of comfort and relaxation.

 The Benefits of Reiki include:

  • Relieve physical pain from long or short term injuries.

  • Reduce muscular soreness, fatigue, bruising and inflammation.

  • Relief of nuerological pain such as sciatica and trapped nerves.

  • Ease emotional pain, stress and anxiety disorders such as psoriasis and alopecia.

  • Combat irregularity dissorders such as Crohn's, IBS, digestive complications and Thyroidism.

  • Improve sleep dissorders and boost relaxation.

  • Boost fertility, wellbeing and immunity.

For this treatment you will remain fully clothed, all jewelry and watches need removing for comfort.