Equally beneficial to the health of your pets Reiki can be used for long and short term relief of ailments, injuries and disorders. From treating hyper-activity, wound healing, boosting immunity or reducing inflammation and stress / anxiety issues.

Animals are highly instinctual and often veryresponsive to the positive effects of Reiki. Unlike their human counterparts there is no need for an explanation of the process, animals once comfortable in the practitioner's company simply accept and receive the treatment without hesitation. Likewise if they are not suitably relaxed or prepared to be in the practitioner's presence they will take themselves elsewhere.

No practitioner will force your pet to remain and partake in the treatment, they are free to move as they wish and time will always be allocated for them to acclimatize to the practitioner.

Reiki for pets is completely compatible with Veterinary care. Just as with humans and medical treatment, we at Reiki Bristol never claim one should replace the other - Holistic care is complementary  to all treatments but we will always ask for disclosure of any current treatment being undertaken.

For the comfort of your pet sessions are always home visits at £40 per hour.