We believe that you should never under estimate the power of you. The capacity of living beings is often forgotten, neglected or misrepresented in the modern world with the advancement of technologies, medications and media exposure. All of which do have their place - all of which are also big business and industries heavily invested in producing financial profit.

"there is no healing force outside of the body" - Dr. Leonard Coldwell  

Ancient civilizations understood of the flow of health and natural capabilities within themselves far more than most do today. Their motivation was simple; they had no other choice - they needed their health and wellbeing to purely survive the course of life. People were invested in people.

Holistic care encompasses the spectrum of our health and not just on symptomatic relief. Your body has the capacity to heal itself, to prioritize what is needed and apply it. Your mind has full control over this ability, this can also be the reason why you might need help activating it. Your mind can block as much as it can set free.

 "the Soul always knows how to heal itself, the challenge is silencing the mind" 

- Caroline Myss    

It is of course easy to look back at "simpler times" and claim what they did or didn't know. Our true focus at Reiki Bristol is here and now. We are living longer, busier and certainly more stressful lives. We have more of everything, both good and bad, helpful and harmful. The more we choose to reach for in our lives the more we must choose to let go of. Our choices should never be at the sacrifice of our health.

"the healer you've been looking for is your own courage to love and know yourself completely" 

- Yung Pueblo  

Often, we at Reiki Bristol use the analogy of a closed hand gripping around an object - perhaps our current stress levels or the anxiety of falling ill. The more energy we spend gripping tighter and tighter the less we perceive around us, the less energy we have assigned for anything else. What our treatments aim to promote is the ability to loosen that grip, "relax that hand" and in your own time choose to open it and to let go. The emotional, psychological and physiological benefit of allowing yourself to let go, for an hour and longer or even for a few moments has huge potential consequences allowing your mind and body to release, relax and repair.

"nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know" 

- Pema Chodron 

This practice of letting go is a technique, one of which you can improve and develop and recreate at times when you choose to do so. Allow us to help you help yourself, after all it's your health in your hands!