Practiced over a millennia this soothing and flowing massage is perfect releasing tension and stress throughout the mind and body. Using a range of movements through the hands and finger tips through specific positions and points on the neck, shoulders, scalp and face. The rhythmic pressure helps ease muscular tension whilst promoting a deep mental relaxation.

As with all treatments offered Indian head massage can be utilized purely for a deep sense of feel good and luxurious massage or as a treatment for a whole range of symptoms and issues.

Benefits of hand massage can include:

  • calmness and wellbeing

  • stress and anxiety relief

  • energy level balancing and invigoration

  • improved sleep patterns and relief from insomnia

  • eased muscular tension

  • posture and motion range improvement

  • improved blood supply and lymphatic drainage

  • energy level balancing and invigoration

Recipients remain fully clothed but will require bare neck and shoulders to avoid any potential friction marks from rubbed clothing. Additional covering / blankets if required can be provided.

Most commonly this treatment is performed sat upright in a chair, however this treatment can be modified for laying on a treatment table with head support provided if required. This treatment will require the practitioner to remain in constant close proximity to the recipient's neck, head and face.

For this treatment you will remain fully clothed, only your head, neck and shoulders need exposing.