"Healing is not thinking that the damage never existed but knowing that it no longer controls our lives"

At Reiki Bristol we focus our treatments on an individual basis using natural methods and techniques to improve the ailment and not just the symptoms.

Our aim is not to diagnose but to treat and care for your body's needs as they are presented, for as long or short as you require.

For all treatments you will remain fully clothed, with blankets to cover if required and in most cases laying comfortably on a treatment table.

Bouncing back from injury? Reiki is a perfect aid to your body's repair process, boosting the efficiency and reducing the overall time taken to heal. This natural process requires a great deal of your overall energy levels, why not supplement it with some holistic care?

It's your health in your hands!

We have been travelling the globe in search of the most beneficial Holistic treatments - Tibetan Reiki, Thai foot massage, Sri Lankan hand massage and Indian head massage.   We are bringing the healing the world to you!

Standard treatment prices range from:

£15 for 30 minutes

£30 for 60 minutes

£50 for 90 minutes

*please note some treatments are best utilized with an hours treatment

Feeling healthy? All treatments are readily available as luxuries too, prevention is better than cure!

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